October #FlashFicHive Day 21: A Space of Regret

A Space of Regret

[Status: Completed] SciFi, Romance, 240 words

By Anjela Curtis

“Bethany!” Her name flew from my lips in a blood-curdling scream, hung for a moment, then was absorbed into the heavy thickness of the night sky. I stood outside, crying, staring up into an open sky that echoed the black abyss of my soul.

She was gone.

Whether to heaven or hell, I could not say. She had a way of being equal parts demon and angel. Still I felt her absence as profoundly as a knife to the chest. In fact, I know that was the intent behind her actions, as made clear by the words she left in her text. She made sure her blade had worked its way between my rib cage to strike home.

I was a groom twice over today, married to sorrow and now to abject pain. She knew that I was to marry another. Yet, she bid me follow her to her own version of an inky, black grave as she’d effectively taken my heart with her into the cold vacuum of space. I thought I had to escape her. Instead, she’d escaped me and the Earth’s gravitational pull and, eventually, it’s orbit.

Now, she’d be as inaccessible to me as the space ship that took her beyond the empty night sky, far beyond where anything I could do to reach her, to tell her I was wrong about everything. Hers was a one-way mission, and I’d inadvertently entered the launch code. ■

© 2017 by Anjela Curtis

2 thoughts on “October #FlashFicHive Day 21: A Space of Regret

  1. This isn’t the first I’ve been tricked by your writing, lol. And I don’t know why I am. The ending is in the title and hints throughout the text but I was still shocked to learn she actually went into space. I just thought she committed suicide. >_< Really cool though! You're always so good at flash fiction (I always struggle at them. My stories don't want to end xD).

    1. Haha! Thanks, Ariel. I do my best to weave clues so that readers can go back and see the “truth” of things. I am happy you enjoy my tiny stories! Thanks so much for commenting!

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