October #FlashFicHive Day 16: Dirty Laundry – A Flash Fiction Story

As I reach the mid-point of my most recent cycle of October’s #FlashFicHive, the guilt weighs on me that I’ve yet to officially post one flash fiction story this month…or even last month, if truth be told. The irony is that I post flash fiction stories on a regular basis on Twitter…as images.

It just seems weird to create a post that has no more than 200 words on it, as most of my quick flash is often less than 175 words.

What can I say, I adore writing short fiction, and this particular flash story, I am rather proud of. There’s nothing more exciting that a plot twist. Still, it’s even better when things twist a couple times.

Read Dirty Laundry again and see if you know what I mean.

Happy writing all!



Dirty Laundry

[Status: Completed] Horror, 133 words

By Anjela Curtis

Laundry was the main reason she left home. She wouldn’t wash one more item of bloodied clothing in that house, she told herself as she grabbed her bag and caught her awaiting taxi to the airport.

What kind of crazy person married a serial killer? What kind of idiot expected to continue living once the gruesome truth was discovered?

She knew all the jewelry and tokens of love were souvenirs marking someone’s gory death at the hands of a beautiful monster with perfect bone structure and a dazzling smile. Then, he found out.
So, she stuffed his last bits in the washer, turned it on, and left. She had a few days headstart before the smell would alert the neighbors. She’d have had more, but she forgot to add the fabric softener. ■

© 2017 by Anjela Curtis

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