#FlashFicHive: Flash Fiction Story ‘Caught on Tape’

Caught on Tape*

[Status: 1st Draft] YA/Contemporary, 420 words

By Anjela Curtis

“Pssst! Hey!” I jumped in reaction to the talking wall of books at my back. Then turned to see what human was responsible for wrecking my concentration. At first glance, there were only the shelves and shelves of books. Then, I saw the shadowy figure of a person and rare glimpses of a pale face and urgent eyes. “I need your help…please.”

“Matt? I that you?” I thought I recognized his voice but I wasn’t sure. His whisper was a bit panicked and only just audible. Matt was a poetic genius who happened to be as ubiquitous as bacteria and had the well-earned reputation for being a man-whore about campus. We’d gone out a couple of times. I had been really into him. Had thought he was into me…but apparently he was “into” quite a few coeds I discovered later. I should have ignored him, but I was too intrigued to find out the cause of his distress.

“Shhh. Please don’t draw anyone’s attention.” I could barely hear him now, but we were in an area of the library where people came to be ensconced in utter silence while they studied. There was barely anyone around as it was. Standing up, I walked around the long shelf and almost fell over in hysterics.

He was half-naked and bound to the shelves with with duct tape and rope. I couldn’t help the snickers that escaped. “Shhh! Please…be quiet and help me out of these.”

“Hmmm…looks like karma finally caught up with you,” I said a bit smug. “Who was the conquest this time? I’d love to shake her hand.”

He paused and looked away for a bit and my stomach clinched.

“Tell me you did not attempt to run game on my little sister?” I stepped back and took in the scene with new eyes and wanted to whoop with pride. I could see the a few of the complex knots our grandpa the taught us from his days in the Navy. My sister was only a few months into her Freshman year, and she was already walking tall around campus as someone not to be messed with. Apparently, Matt didn’t get the memo. I chuckled then turned to go.

“Hey!” He modulated his tone when his voice came out louder than he’d meant.” Listen, I know you are pissed off at me. But, I didn’t think you were spiteful. Please don’t leave me here like this?”

“Oh, be quiet. I’m going to get some scissors…and an audience. I might not be spiteful, but I am ironic…and you deserve to be caught on tape. ■


© 2017 by Anjela Curtis

*Includes prompts for Days 11 (Build a Word) & 12 (Spoonerism) of August #FlashficHive writing challenge


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