Day 21 (#FlashFicHive) Story Share: Wicked Runs in the Genes

Wicked Runs in the Genes

[Status: Published] Dystopian/Sci-Fi, 257 words

By Anjela Curtis

Only the very oldest people remembered the old-fashioned way to make babies.

Grandma would sometimes drink wine and tell me wicked stories about how, once, humans were born with external sex organs. This was before the Government Omniscience Directive, the G.O.D., gained control and thought to mutate the human genome to prevent over-population.

With the number of people on Earth having reached critical mass, many died of starvation. More died from the resulting Hunger Wars that broke out when the strongest survivors attempted to claim Earth’s few remaining resources. Fearing the loss of power, the G.O.D. chose to intervene then and enforce government rule.

Forced to undergo sterilization, many of the elders escaped underground and continued to fight for humanity. My grandmother was one of the leaders, a former government genealogist and medical doctor. She rescued me—her only living genetic descendant, despite my lab beaker origins—and went on to build the resistance into what it is today. To honor her memory, I continue the fight and lead by example.

Having both endured years of sexual reassignment surgeries, my partner and I will be the first “beaker-babies” to attempt procreation in a manner in which humans were intended.

I’m neither a criminal nor the sexual deviant that the G.O.D would have you believe. I’m just a human being in love, who wanted dearly to have a baby with the person I chose as my mate. I could lie and say I wasn’t looking forward to it. But, I guess “wicked” runs in my genes. ■


© 2017 by Anjela Curtis

4 thoughts on “Day 21 (#FlashFicHive) Story Share: Wicked Runs in the Genes

    1. Thanks you! Yes, I find that many of my flash fic would make great full-length novels. (I think it is all that backstory and story development I do for my flash.) Good story development is the same whether your writing long or short form fiction.

      1. You’re welcome 🙂
        I find the same thing! I’ve gotten at least three larger story ideas since I’ve started Sunday Scribbles. Not that I need any more ideas right now, I still have a trilogy to write 🙂

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