My #FlashFicHive Highlights – Week 3

blogTHIS WEEK: Flash Fiction Inspired by a Word Cloud

For week 3 of the #FlashFicHive writing challenge, we were to choose specific words from the following word cloud, then create several versions as we experimented with developing aspects of the protagonist and the antagonist. I originally chose the words: SMUG, BEAT, and ARROGANT to inspire two story lines, but these words were eventually edited out as the stories developed in a different direction than I’d originally planned.

Below are some of the story and character development elements for story line #1 (working title, PI Blues). However, as it would turn out, I ended up writing several flash fiction stories this week apart from the challenge. Still, I used the character work for the PI Blues to inspire me to create a completely different story that had a more Dystopian aspect to it.

That story is called, “Wicked Runs in the Genes and was submitted for a story competition on Cracked Flash Fiction Competition’s  blog.

Visual Evolution of  story line #1

Original Premise: Quinn, a private investigator, is tasked with babysitting/finding a runaway tween who isn’t exactly what she seems. (SciFi/Fantasy angle)

■ Back story: The tween/teen is a prodigy/test tube baby that ran away from home to track down her biological-mom/egg donor. (Quinn donated eggs to get through school, etc.)


BEST LINES: That sterile, antiseptic smell reminded her of her college days…and of selling her ova to pay for tuition. Seeing the rows of farmed embryos made her want to vomit. #SciFiFri

ARGUE FOR ANTAG/(premise 2):  Senna  is a kid who is ignored by her parents. She could benefit from a strong influence…maybe even PI Quinn.




Story Premise #4 (The Anti-hero rewrite): Quinn runs sees a lot of things as a private eye, but for the right price, she’ll turn a blind eye…after she extorts you for money.


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