Day 14 (#FlashFicHive) Story Share: A King’s Final Decree

A King’s Final Decree

[Status: WIP] Historical/Romance, 124 words

By Anjela Curtis

The executioner’s ax fell with a resounding crack against the wooden block. A practice swing. The condemned man barely noticed.

Rain camouflaged the tears that soaked his face. Yet, the downpour did nothing to wash away the dark stains ingrained in the wood where he kneeled nor the sorrow that weighed on his soul.

He’d robbed himself, and those who loved her, of her beauty, her grace, her wisdom. Blinded by jealousy and false accusations, he’d lost his head in anger…and she’d lost hers on that very spot.

A body could not live without its heart.

Though his advisors tried, they could not negate the royal writ he’d signed that decreed his own execution.

A slow drum cadence marked the seconds until the end. ■


© 2017 by Anjela Curtis


3 thoughts on “Day 14 (#FlashFicHive) Story Share: A King’s Final Decree

  1. I love how much story you’ve fit into only 124 words. I think I’ll challenge myself to write less next time too and see how it goes 🙂

    1. Thanks! I didn’t think I’d struggle as much at 100 words as I did. It’s a weird word count…very easy to go beyond. I was trying for 101 words. 124 is as low as I could go and maintain the story structure. (To be truthful, I worried that I hadn’t supplied the reader with enough info when I hit the publish button.) I’m relieved it reads well.

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