Project Recap for May 2017


Time flies when you’re writing every day, starting a new Twitter writing challenge, and trying to get things in gear for a video log.

Actually…that’s only been the tip of the iceberg for me…but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Here’s what I’ve been up to for the month.

Preparing for #FlashFicHive

Since I began tweeting as a fiction writer, I’ve wanted to create my own Twitter hashtag writing game. My inner graphic designer was bursting with ideas for graphics. (Right away, I started experimenting with possible layouts, just for the fun of it.) My inner marketer needed to wait and get familiar with all the different types of games available.


Twitter is already jam packed with great daily, weekly, and monthly writing challenges. (There are many I participate in on a regular basis.) I didn’t want to create a mediocre version of the good ones that already existed. Mine had to represent me as a writer, yet stand out from the crowd.

I’m glad I waited.

In the six months that I’ve been writing fiction, I’ve discovered two important things:

  1.  I love the short-form challenge of fiction writing,
  2.  A daily writing challenge that catered to the 200 to 1K didn’t exist on Twitter.

So I decided to start one.


Having already designed various layouts to serve as a visual monthly calendar, the biggest challenge was finding a hashtag that hadn’t been used previously on Twitter. This task was harder than I’d expected it to be. For days I walked around trying to brainstorm names that would work as a hashtag…and leave a writer enough space to compose tweeted lines. Many of my first draft picks were already taken or had one or two posts from bygone years.

May hashtag prep

It’s funny that I can’t remember the names of the top contenders. (I’m so happy with the one I decided to run with, #FlashFicHive.)


Follow my progress as I build a writing hashtag community from the ground up? Follow the bread crumbs at #MakingOfAHashtag.


The remainder of the month was spent coming up with the challenge content and as well as designing the graphics needed to promote the hashtag. At some point, I opted to give the challenge its own profile page, while the getting was good, thus @FlashFicHive.

Divvying up the Design Work

Adding the Twitter profile to the line-up doubled my design workload. @FlashFicHive required branding and promotional pieces as well as the original design work needed for the actual writing challenge content. I don’t really want to think about how much time I’ve put into this project. However, if you are curious to know what all the work entails, below is a brief overview of the writing and design work required prepping the challenge for Twitter *:

  • Layout and design of 6 templates
  • 30 days worth of content (multiplied by 3, in many cases to go with the Drone, Worker, and Queen HIVE-writing levels)
  • 30 days worth of graphics for each day’s accompanying content
  • 5 “week-at-a-glance” graphics (depicting the “weekly” line-up view)
  • 1 month-at-a-glance graphic
  • 10 promo graphics
  • Profile graphic (Twitter)
  • Cover graphic (Twitter)
  • “Thanks for RT” gif
  • “One day left until” gif
*I also created platform variations for YouTube, Twitch, Facebook

Why the Vlog Not?!

…And, because I don’t have enough tough happening, I’ve decided to begin a video blog to accompany my author platform.

Inspired by hours of Netflix binges of Last Man Standing (and my kiddo’s love of iCarly), I’ve been incubating the idea of a video blog for a while. Though I had been putting it off for some time, a fellow writer, Alex Maher, recently challenged me to complete a #Authortube vlog. Having contemplated the idea for a while, I’ve decided to dive in.

As I slow work my way through a series of tech issues, I am happy to say that I have finagled enough of a studio together to make an adequate video debut.

I’ve created the necessary covers for my YouTube profile. However, you may be surprised to learn that I also have other video related surprises in store.

So be sure check in to see what writer-mischief I get into for June.

Happy writing!




Share your May accomplishments!

I’d love to hear about all the things you crossed off your Writer’s To-Do list in May. In the comments below, tell me:

  1. Did you tackle a project you’ve been putting off for some time? Did you finish it? If not, what actions can you take in June to continue your progress?
  2. Do you have too much on your plate? What items can you safely remove from your list and still feel productive?
  3. What reward system do you have in place to keep you motivated?

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