A Story Inspiration for “X” and the Font “Xerox Malfunction” (#AtoZChallenge)

xerox malfunction

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For the remainder of April, my Blogging from A to Z April Challenge posts will include: (1) the font/prompt info, (2) a brief story pitch inspired by the chosen font, and (3) any supplemental creative fodder (e.g., notes, character sketches, perspective lines, images) I chose to share.

So, what would happen if there was some kind of Xerox malfunction or mix-up that resulted in work rivals seeing each other in a different light? That was the initial idea that sparked the idea for this short story with the help of chosen font for the day. Still, having spent a considerable amount of time employed in corporate America, I was completely bored by the idea of writing a story set in an office. That concept has been done to death with the movies and sit-coms such as Office Space and The Office being old favorites.

I decided to switch things up a bit by adding an unusual twist. What if supernatural creatures such as vampires, werewolves, and zombies were so mainstream that the needed social media to gain numbers? What if they decided to outsource their marketing to a PR firm who employed supernaturals? What if rival creatures were forced to work together within this fictitious work scenario, vying for the position of top account executive?

The answer to those questions is the premise behind the following short story prompt, which began with the idea of a little Xerox malfunction.

For Day 28, I chose the font Xerox Malfunction by Aenigma Fonts as my prompt and inspiration for today’s flash fiction.

xerox malfunction


xerox malfunction

Xerox Malfunction

2017 © Anjela Curtis

Brief Synopsis

Supernatural creatures are out for blood…new blood, that is. And they’ve figured out that the most effective means to grow their numbers is on social media. One public relations firm, Moon Over Bourbon Street (MOBS), is making a killing representing the supernatural sector of werewolf packs, vampire broods, and witch covens looking to convert the best and brightest that the human race has to offer.

Hannah Walker is the resident werewolf specialist and one of the top-grossing account executives at MOBS. Derek is her arrogant, male-chauvinist work rival who will do anything to keep her in her place…second place. With Hannah and Derek constantly at each other’s throats, the office regularly pools bets on who will win the next scrimmage or the next big client. When the office has a Xerox malfunction that results in a racy love letter circulating the office, things escalate to a fever’s pitch as each account executive suspects the other of being its author. Now the MOBS president and CEO insists that Hanna and Derek work together to land a big account with the newly formed League of Zombie. Long days and late nights working side by side might win them the account, but will their relationship change from bad blood to hot-blooded?

Genre: Adult, Fantasy, Romance

Inspiration/Idea Board

xerox malfunction
IMAGE SOURCES: [a] Freepik.com | (search: people silhouette) // [b] Shutterstock | ID 39500989 // [c] Pexels.com | (search: woman) // [d] Shutterstock | ID 97066739 // [background  image] Pexel.com | (search: background) // [font] 1001FreeFonts.com | Xerox Malfunction by Aenigma Fonts

First Lines/ Favorite Lines

■ Supernatural creatures are out for blood—new blood, that is—on social media. Their new, cutting-edge PR firm is making a killing.

■ Hannah is a werewolf and #2 acct exec at the PR firm. Derek, the top exec is determined to keep Hannah in her place…second place.






2 thoughts on “A Story Inspiration for “X” and the Font “Xerox Malfunction” (#AtoZChallenge)

    1. When I decided to do the A to Z challenge, I wanted my theme to represent who I was as a creative. As a writer, flash fiction fit the bill. However, the majority of my work experience is as a graphic designer. It only seemed natural that fonts should represent that side of my creativity…and being as I work with fonts often, I knew there’d be thousands to choose from. It all came together very organically after that.

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