A Story Inspiration for “V” and the Font “Venezia” (#AtoZChallenge)


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For the remainder of April, my Blogging from A to Z April Challenge posts will include: (1) the font/prompt info, (2) a brief story pitch inspired by the chosen font, and (3) any supplemental creative fodder (e.g., notes, character sketches, perspective lines, images) I chose to share.

In 2009, I traveled to Italy for the first time over New Year’s holiday. During the week-long trip, I visited Rome, Florence, and Venice. Venice, or Venezia as the natives call it, was by far one of the most enchanting places I’ve yet to travel. So, when I saw the name of this font, I decided to draft a short story that took place in Venezia.  Here is the font and some of the images that fueled the story.

For Day 26, I chose the font Venezia by Manfred Klein as my prompt and inspiration for today’s flash fiction.



2017 © Anjela Curtis

Brief Synopsis

Miranda is excited for a once-in-a-lifetime vacation in Venice with her long-time boyfriend, Ethan. She’s expecting a marriage proposal or at least a declaration of his undying love aboard a gondola. When Miranda arrives in Italy and learns that Ethan has invited his snarky sister to join them for the entire trip, the fight that ensues results in them going their separate ways. Determined to enjoy her time in Venezia anyway, Miranda sets off on an adventure alone and strikes up a friendship with an intriguing American also traveling abroad.

Genre: Adult, Contemporary

Inspiration/Idea Board

IMAGE SOURCES: [a] Pexels.com | (search: party) // [b] Shutterstock | ID 315068609 // [c] Shutterstock | ID 520299598 // [d] Shutterstock | ID 113763607 // [background image] Pexel.com | (search: Venice)  // [font] 1001FreeFonts.com |  Venezia by Manfred Klein





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