A Short Story for “S” and the Font “Sever” (#AtoZChallenge)

■ ■ ■ New Format for A to Z Challenge Posts ■ ■ ■

For the remainder of April, my Blogging from A to Z April Challenge posts will include: (1) the font/prompt info, (2) a brief story pitch inspired by the chosen font, and (3) any supplemental creative fodder (e.g., notes, character sketches, perspective lines, images) I chose to share.

My short story experiment for today’s post is with contemporary romance.  What happens when a strong-minded, determined career woman goes on vacation to another continent and chooses to have a fling with a native as a submissive. Well, nothing…until her path crosses with an unexpected person in an unexpected place.

For Day 22, I chose the font Sever by Iconian Fonts as my prompt for today’s flash fiction idea.

sever sever


2017 © Anjela Curtis

Brief Synopsis

Karen Jessop is an intelligent, hard-working attorney whose dream is to rise up in the ranks at her law firm. She’d willingly do whatever is required to become a partner, except sleep her way to the top. When a summer fling from her vacation to the south of Spain comes back to haunt her in the form of the firm’s new partner Andreas Garcia, Karen must forget about the hot days and hotter nights spent in Marabella and in Andreas’ expert embrace. With an opportunity on the line to become an unnamed partner, Karen–despite having been his submissive in the past–must sever past ties with Andreas and prove herself to be his equal.

Genre: Adult, Romance

First Lines/Favorite Lines

Karen Jessop was not one for having flings or one-night-stands as a rule; but when an opportunity arose during her vacation the south of Spain, she jumped at the opportunity.






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