A Short Story for “Q” and the Font “Quarantine” (#AtoZChallenge)


I’m experimenting with different short story formats for this Blogging from A to Z April Challenge post. Sample this mini “Chose-Your-Adventure” story where you are a young high school student who finds himself/herself in a bit of a pickle with federal agents who mean you harm.

For Day 20, I chose the font Quarantine by Aenigma Fonts as my prompt for today’s flash fiction.


I hope you enjoy today’s short story, Quarantine.


By Anjela Curtis

[1] Federal agents came today and pulled seven students out of your high school Trigonometry class. You were supposed to be the eighth. Had your alarm gone off as expected, you’d be in federal custody, locked inside a high school conference room with two Feds guarding the door.

You’ve just walked into a bathroom stall–to change out of the demure clothes you wore to school and into an outfit of which your parents wouldn’t approve. Over the intercom, you hear eight names being announced. One of them is yours. You are to report to room F33 for further instructions.

■ You opt to report to room F33, proceed to [3].
■ You stay in the bathroom, keep reading.

[2] You start to leave the bathroom and skip school for the day when you see seven students being herded down the hall by agitated agents. You ducked back into the bathroom, then back into a stall when you hear two students entering. They are talking about the kids you just saw.

“So, do you know what’s happening with those students the Feds pulled out of Trig?”

“Becky’s mom is the school’s nurse. According to her, they are being quarantined due to possible exposure to classified government info or something…” You try to hear more, but the students leave the bathroom and take their conversation with them. You need to find a place to hide out while you figured out what’s going on. You know a couple of great places to hide where you won’t be found.

■ You hide in the janitor’s closet, go to [3].
You hide under the gym bleachers,  go to [4].

[3] On your way to your destination, the principal sees you and stops you in the hallway. “We’ve been looking you,” he exclaims. “Agents, here’s the student you’ve been looking for.” Two agents approach in Hazmat suits and handcuffs. You turn to run, but they shoot you with a tranquilizer gun in the leg. You lose consciousness and wake later to find yourself in a glass holding cell facing the other students. The signs on the holding cells read: Warning: Infected by alien life form. Euthanization approved. You’re as good as dead. The end.

[4] You make it to the gym and behind the bleachers where you find the cute new guy you’ve been crushing on for the last few months. You try to flirt with him but he replies to you in a garbled language that you suspect is not of this Earth. He touches your hand and suddenly you understand him perfectly.

“I am an alien from the QR5 quadrant. I’ve been sent her to find you. Your birth parents are on my planet and sent me to rescue you from the agents who plan to kill you. A crew is on stand-by to beam you onto our ship, should you decide to go. If not, agents are searching the school room by room with blood-hounds. You will be caught. What’s it going to be?”

“Yeah, whatever. Get me out of here,” you tell him just as the gym doors crash open and the sound of barking dogs echo throughout the empty gym.

2017 © Anjela Curtis





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