A Short Story for “O” and the Font “One Man Wolf Pack” (#AtoZChallenge)

wolf pack

The font inspiration for today’s Blogging from A to Z April Challenge post is “One Man Wolf Pack.” It is a given that this flash story would somehow involve a loner of some kind.  Well, let’s just add in a nosy neighbor who suspects said loner of being a werewolf; and you have the premise of today’s tale.

For Day 18, I chose the font One Man Wolf Pack by Sabrina Schleiger of Monkey Roodles Fonts as my prompt for today’s flash fiction.

wolf pack

wolf pack


I hope you enjoy today’s short story, One Man Wolf Pack.

One Man Wolf Pack

By Anjela Curtis

I’m convinced my next-door neighbor is a werewolf. I’ve seen too many signs that just can’t be explained away. At the risk of being too stalker-ish, I’ve refrained from tracking all my observations in an Excel file. My neighbor’s the weirdo, not me. So, anyway, here are a few of the strange things that have occurred in the 3 months since he’s moved in. I mean, I can’t see any other explanation.

#1) Howling laughter. I don’t know what he’s doing that is so funny, but when he starts laughing really hard, he howls. I’m not kidding. I wonder if he’s watching a TV show. He has such a great laugh.

#2) Thrashing and banging on nights of the full moon. The loud banging and screaming noises coming from our shared bedroom wall during full moons are not the kind of sounds you’d expect from a single guy’s bedroom. Listen, I’m quite familiar with the sound of cracking bone and tearing flesh. I know the sound when I hear it.

#3) Twice weekly raw meat deliveries. My neighbor gets raw meat delivered to him twice a week. First of all, who does that? There a grocery store within walking distance that serves fresh meat, seafood, poultry. Perhaps, the meat at the store just isn’t fresh enough for him.

#4) Night-running in the woods. On numerous occasions, I’ve noticed that my neighbor likes to run in the woods behind our apartment complex. This would be impossible for a human to do as we can’t see in the dark. And since I don’t notice any fresh bruising, I’m going to assume he can see in the dark. I can’t even walk to the bathroom at night with hitting something if I don’t turn on a light. When I go out in the woods at night, I take a flashlight or night vision goggles.

#5) One man wolf pack. My neighbor doesn’t have much of a life. He never has visitors…not even a girlfriend. He’s obviously a loner. Hey, I watch nature documentaries. Not all wolves live in packs. Some choose to live alone because they have secrets they need to protect.

#6) Mutilated bodies found. It’s been all over the news that the mutilated bodies two women have been discovered in the woods behind the apartment building. I wonder if they suspect my neighbor. I’ve been noticing a lot more delivery trucks and strange cars around the complex lately. Are the cops staking out my neighbor? I wish he’d never moved next door. Now everyone is suspicious and wary, looking for monsters who pass for human.

2017 © Anjela Curtis



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