Adventures of a Gen-X Writer on Twitter

I dropped down the Twitter rabbit hole another couple if feet this week.

Recently, a fellow Twitter writer started a conversation with me in the role of her main character. (I was like: Uuuh….what the hell is happening right now?). Apparently, I wandered into a hashtag writing event where everyone writes/role-plays as one/many of their characters. Yep, it’s a “thing.”


I knew I’d be responding to the prompts in the “voice” of my character. However, I wasn’t expecting interactive conversation where other writers’ characters would be like: “Hey, what did you eat for breakfast this morning, Evening?” (If you don’t know…Evening is the main character in my current WIP. See how I just clued you in so you wouldn’t feel stupid? Yep, I didn’t get a head’s up of any kind on this yeah, I was a bit taken aback.)

Age before Motherhood

It could just be me…but sometimes when I’m using Twitter, I think my age shows…or maybe age has nothing to do with it. Perhaps it’s that I’m a busy mom who relegates “role-playing” strictly to the hours between 7 p.m. and 7:15 p.m., the time I allot for playing Barbie with my kiddo, which usually ends with me falling asleep face down on the floor with a half-dress Barbie in my hand. As you can see…I’m not much for role-playing. (Hell, who am I kidding…I *hate* role-playing. I’m eagerly awaiting the time when the Kiddo says, “Mom, I don’t want to play Barbies anymore. That’s for babies.”)

Still, never to be out done by any challenging/perplexing life situation, I studied a month’s worth of other posts on the hashtag…and I GET IT!

Now, Evening is mid-conversation with a couple other characters, one of whom has supernatural powers just like her. (Hey, it’s helping me build personality and backstory for my novel, don’t judge me!) In the end, I’d say it’s a small, Twitter world, except that I know there’s an entire galaxy full of strange things that I’m going to encounter on Twitter thanks to the “online” life of Millennials.

Here’s to keeping up with the times!

Create your “write” life!

Are you a writer on Twitter who has encounters something unexpected: Share your experience (either good or bad) that you think may be helpful to other new writers on social media.

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